Slowing down with age is a normal physiological process; however, it does not have to mean an inevitable decline into a life dependent on others.  Healthy aging is all about keeping ourselves vibrant and productive throughout life.  Exercise is a key component to maintaining that vitality.  A cardio work out strengthens the heart and lungs and provides numerous benefits to overall health.  A weight work out strengthens the muscles and joints, but what about the brain? It requires exercise every bit as much as the rest of the body.    


Just as the body slows with age, the brain also experiences some normal cognitive decline.  Our information processing speed slows, meaning it takes a longer amount of time to learn new information.  We have more difficulty multi-tasking, our attention span shortens and our word finding ability diminishes.  In short, our mental flexibility decreases.  


You’ve heard the phrase ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’.  It’s especially true of the brain.  Don’t leave your brain out of your exercise regimen.  Keep your brain in shape with Brain Fitness, a set of tests performed as ‘games’ on a computer.  The tests are not difficult nor do they require any special computer skills.  They will measure your working memory, sustained attention, reasoning, processing speed and rapid decision making abilities, among other things.  After the baseline test, an individually tailored program will be designed that will keep your brain sharp.


It’s inevitable that our bodies and our brains slow down as we age, but with exercise and proper nutrition we can continue to be active, productive and vital throughout life.  Keep your body healthy and maintain your brain! 


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